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Over the next 12 months Impact Recordings will be releasing a carefully selected hand full of remix EP's as well as releasing original new material. These remixes are of the Impact anthems that have helped forge the sound of UK Hard Trance. You will see new and established artists putting their own spin on the Impact days gone by, making them essential for any UK Hard Trance fan! Watch this space...

Under New Management!

After a short break over the beginning of the year we are back with not one, but two new Label Managers, in the form of London based DJs and Producers Ben Bennett & Phil Lankester. They are looking for new and exciting material to release so email all tracks to



Greetings and welcome to the brand new home of Impact Recordings where you'll be able to find product information, release dates, artist information, profiles and audio samples for current and forthcoming releases.

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Brookman & Coe
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Out now
"Rebirth" click on the CD label to hear sample

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